30 things to do this summer

1. Meet the dawn at least once

First, it’s beautiful. Secondly, such moments are remembered for a lifetime. Away from the lights of the city, sunrises are more beautiful, so get out for the night and don’t forget to set your alarm. Or you can just stay up.

2. Go to the festival

Musical, sports or something else – see what is closer to you. We have a killer option, where there is music, sports, and useful lectures at the same time. From July 27 to July 29, the most beach IT conference of the year – ULCAMP-2018 will be held. Beach – because it will take place on the beach of the recreation center “Slavic Compound” near Ulyanovsk.

The program includes interesting reports, live performances by the groups “Porn Films” and “Record Orchestra”, sports competitions and a lot of fun. Surprise for Lifehacker readers: when buying a ticket on the conference website, enter the promo code LIFEHACKER and get a 10% discount.

3. Go to a nearby town for the weekend

Even if your next vacation is in October, this is not a reason to refuse travel. A couple of days is enough to walk around an unfamiliar city and explore what is interesting there.

4. Eat fruits and berries every day

If not in the summer, then when else? Try to give up sweets and pastries for at least a month, replacing all this with fruit. Both tasty and healthy.

 5. Try something new

Routine makes life dull, so don’t be afraid to change your habits. For example, buy a gym membership if you didn’t have one, go out of town for the whole weekend with a backpack and a tent if you are used to relaxing differently. Summer is a great time to experiment, suddenly you really like something.

6. Walk all night

Just do not say that you do not get enough sleep: summer is not for that. Besides, every job has a Friday. So gather your friends and go for a walk, sleep off on the weekend.

7. Have a water pistol fight

It seems to be the best entertainment in the heat. You can arrange a fight both in the city and in nature, just be like adults and stock up on change of clothes and towels.

8. Walk more

To make it more interesting, you can change the route from time to time and get from home to work and back on roads that you have not traveled before.

9. Get at least one good habit

For example, forget about the elevator and go up everywhere and only on the stairs. Or make it a rule to do simple exercises every day: warm-up, 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups. Even if this seems like a feat, stand at least a minute in the plank.

10. Look at the shooting stars

In August, you can admire the Perseids – this is a meteor shower that passes very close to the Earth. It is active from mid-July to the twentieth of August. The peak of the meteor shower falls approximately on August 12, so plan a night out of the city for this time. And come up with a few wishes to make on shooting stars.

11. Take a selfie every day

And not just selfies. Take more pictures, and closer to autumn, collect all the pictures in an album. Get a chronicle of the summer of 2018.

12. Tidy up the house

Shake out your clothes, sort out the food supplies in the kitchen cabinet and send any trash that you keep for no reason to the trash can. Since you haven’t needed these things so far, it’s time to say goodbye to them.

13. Start eating right

More fruits and vegetables, less fast food – even if you are not going to lose weight, it is still worth changing your approach to nutrition. You will be healthier.

14. Make a summer playlist

There are two options here: either songs about summer, or those that you personally associate with this time of year. In autumn and winter it is very cool to listen to them and remember how fun it was in summer.

15. Have a day of silence

No internet, no gadgets, no alerts. Remember how wonderful life was when phones were only for making calls. Just warn colleagues and relatives in advance so that in which case they do not sound the alarm.

16. Get a houseplant

If you are not a born grower, choose plants that will survive even with minimal care. For example, aloe, kalanchoe and rock rose look pretty and do not require constant care. Water once a week – this is enough for them.

17. Play football

Or beach volleyball, whichever you prefer. Every year ULCAMP hosts a sports day – there is football, volleyball, archery or crossbow shooting, even kayaking.

18. Make Homemade Lemonade

Everything is elementary: you need fruits or berries, some sugar and carbonated mineral water. Cut the fruits into slices, mash the berries into puree, add sugar to taste and pour it all with chilled mineral water. Voila, your refreshing drink is ready.

19. Spend a day at an amusement park

Ride every ride you see and take selfies on the Ferris wheel. To make it just like in childhood, you can even buy cotton candy for yourself.

20. Walk in the rain

We do not offer to stagger down the street in a thunderstorm, but to wander under a light warm rain – why not? Come home – and immediately under the hot shower. Bliss? What more.

21. Learn to ride a bike

And if you already know how – go for a walk! You can even give up public transport and ride a bike to work until the fall.

22. Eat a bucket of ice cream alone

Summer is the perfect time for this. If ice cream from the store does not appeal to you, make it homemade: pour fruit or berry puree into plastic cups, stick a wooden skewer into each and send it to the freezer.

23. Change image

Get an unusual haircut or try on clothes that are completely new to you. Even if the experiment is not very successful, you at least try.

24. Come up with your own recipe

The recipe for a cocktail, dessert, meat dish – it doesn’t matter, as long as it is your creation. Bring it to perfection and invite your friends to appreciate your skills. Even if it doesn’t taste good, it will definitely be fun.

25. Learn something new and useful

Perhaps in your city there will be some interesting free lectures or master classes in the summer. If yes, be sure to visit them. If not, welcome to ULCAMP. Science journalist Asya Kazantseva will tell you how to make your brain work to its fullest, Ecwid CEO Ruslan Fazlyev will explain how Americans differ from Russians and how to work with it, and Yandex dialog systems developer David Dale will tell you how robots learn to understand people.

26. Cook something on a fire

Don’t limit yourself to kebabs and baked potatoes. Try salmon or salmon steaks: brush the fish pieces with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper. Put the steaks on the grill and grill on the coals for half an hour or even less, depending on the thickness of the pieces. You can still cook burgers on the grill, just freeze the cutlets before going to nature so that they do not turn into a mess in the heat.

27. Learn to get up early

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day. After 4 days you will already have an additional free hour in the morning. You can spend it on things that have never reached your hands. To make it easier to fall asleep in the evening, do not eat anything two or three hours before bedtime, and put your smartphone away for an hour.

28. Arrange a holiday for no reason

Summer is already an occasion for a cool party. Her recipe is simple: friends you haven’t seen for a long time, delicious food and music, lots of music. Alcohol – at your discretion, it will be fun without it.

29. Get out somewhere every weekend

A sofa and a laptop are, of course, good, but you can seal in the winter. While it’s warm outside, get yourself out of the house with all your might. Walk, play sports in the fresh air – in a word, enjoy the summer.

30. Spend the night in a tent

Here you have romance and a way out of your comfort zone. To feel more comfortable, bring warm clothes and a couple of blankets. If you don’t see the point of changing a cozy bed for a sleeping bag, ULCAMP is a worthy reason. Even if there is no tent, it does not matter: you can rent it on the site when you buy a ticket.