Print Technology – Hardware

Many companies are engaged in printing on canvas, but not every representative of this business manages to offer quality prints with accurate color reproduction and a high degree of clarity. The quality depends primarily on the printer on which the printing is carried out. Of course, ink and canvas are equally important, but without a printer, the picture can only be drawn by hand.

So, a canvas printer must have a certain size of nozzles (narrow holes) that supply ink to the surface of the canvas.

The smaller these nozzles, the smaller the dot on the printed material, and, accordingly, the more accurate the image transmission.
The quality of printing by a printer is affected by such a technical parameter as “resolution”. It implies the maximum allowable number of dots per inch of space (dpi) that the unit can apply for a certain number of passes of the print head.

Here you need to understand that the higher the resolution in which the device can print, the less graininess can be seen in the output. Good printers print in such a way that the dots that form the image are almost invisible even from a very close distance. The best professional photo printers print at a resolution of at least 2880×1440 dpi, which allows you to create super-clear images with smooth halftone transitions. Such variants of paintings on canvas look just perfect at any distance, since small details are drawn as clearly as possible, and the picture looks holistic and uniform.

Print quality also depends on the number of colors of ink used.

Some ink options may offer only four primary colors: black, blue, yellow and magenta, while all other colors and shades are obtained by mixing the original options. More modern and sophisticated devices have 6 basic colors, which also add light shades of blue and purple to the base of the above.

Here you need to understand that the more there are in the basic use, the more accurate the final color rendering of the picture is. Of course, even 6-color printer options are capable of providing photographic quality printing, but the tint transitions will either be practically invisible or will be quite rough, and this is especially noticeable in the bright areas of the picture.

Professional printer models used in the field of digital printing on canvas have a minimum of 9 or more cartridges in addition to a base of 6 colors. This is, as a rule, gray and its light shade, orange, green, purple, etc. Only if there are a large number of colors in the printing technology, it becomes possible to provide the most accurate color reproduction, softly reproduce detail in dark and bright areas of the image, transfer beautiful skin tones to portraits. In general, a high-quality print will have high plasticity when displaying pictures depicting foliage, grass, needles on all kinds of landscapes, as well as in shades of sea depth and purity of sparkling water or snowy peaks.

EPSON Ultra Chrome HDR shows the highest artistic results in canvas printing. In the field of photo printing and in the field of facsimile printing on canvas with pigment ink, only the specified device prints with such high quality, which is confirmed by many professional printing centers in Europe and the USA.