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The Historical is the Personal — Reflections on Postcolonial Guilt, Mi Koo Buns, and Writing History

“Where did your Malaysian accent go?” A close friend asked me after I came back from my first year at university. We were sitting at a café with sleek glass windows in Kuala Lumpur. “Give me a few days, it’ll come back.” Till then, he had to deal with speaking to a foreigner …

Petit Prince

Paris-based artist Sandra Paris shares the surrealist collages that pulled her out of a major creative rut: “I love collage, to cut, paste, cut, paste…. it brings me back to my childhood. I love to associate and connect things that would never go together to create a dreamlike and poetic atmosphere in my collages.”

Through the Forest

I was on my way to visit my grandmother in Pasuruan, a five-hour bus ride from my tiny hometown Caruban. Every school break, my mother and I spent a few days in the countryside. My father took us to the square, dropped us off at the gate, and reminded me, while my mother was busy buying snacks and water for the ride, to protect her and myself on the bus…