Learn more about printing on canvas

Since ancient times, people have sought to decorate the walls in their homes with paintings, frescoes, tapestries and other fine arts. However, it is paintings created with the help of paints and brushes, with a variety of subjects, that have always occupied a special place in the hearts of art historians, collectors and, most importantly, ordinary people. Of course, the concept of “simple inhabitants”, for example, in the Middle Ages was very different from what is meant now.

After all, before the paintings were available only to the nobility, wealthy merchants and members of the clergy. Ordinary people could not afford oil paintings. But today each of us gives the opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of great masters, the immediacy and simplicity of modern motifs, stunning landscapes. The fashion for paintings in the interior has never gone away, but now it has acquired a huge scale. Many modern people began to strive to surround themselves with beauty and enjoy it daily.

Of course, the original paintings of great artists such as Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Kazimir Malevich, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, are almost impossible to buy. The cost of works included in the history of world art is simply indecently high and often amounts to tens of millions of dollars. However, even good paintings by lesser-known artists, although they are estimated somewhat more modestly, are still far from affordable for everyone.

Therefore, relatively inexpensive reproductions are especially popular; which the original image was hardly recognizable. In this age of digitalization, there is a great opportunity to print any photo, painting reproduction or stylized image on canvas.

With canvas prints, artwork is no longer a luxury in the digital world. Now everyone can decorate their home with reproductions of great artists and, moreover, hang their custom-sized family photo with interesting processing or stylization over the fireplace or in any place suitable for this.

However, it is important to understand here that poor-quality canvas printing still exists, and therefore the picture can fade or deteriorate if it is printed incorrectly or made with poor-quality ink. True, even a high-quality canvas can lose its appearance if it hangs in direct sunlight.

This does not happen with our canvases. We, the PanOmerO art studio, use only original high-quality materials that guarantee the brightness of colors for more than a dozen years.

Why choose canvas?

Printing paintings on canvas has gained its immense popularity due to the well-defined merits of the underlying material. Such as:

  • aesthetically pleasing appearance of a matte or semi-gloss structure (the picture looks alive, as if the artist had just finished his work on it);
  • significant service life of the product without loss of saturation of color tones (the color is guaranteed to retain its brightness, and the image clarity for more than 20 years);
  • resistance to mechanical stress (for example, when cleaning), fading and moisturehigh-quality stretching that does not sag over time and reliable fastening of finished products (each picture is attached to a stretcher in a gallery way for greater effect).

How is canvas printing done?

To print on canvas, first of all, you need special large-format digital equipment, as well as special high-quality materials.