Disabilities and The Unconscious Stigmatization in Our Pop Culture

“She is so bipolar when she’s on her menstrual period”, “Are you disabled?! Kick the ball into the goal!”, “He’s crazy smart, you’d think he’s autistic” are phrases that are incorporated into daily-life conversations so casually and rather thoughtlessly. The first step to resolving an issue is acknowledging it, and this article is to state, and acknowledge, that throwing disability phrases around like metaphors and tenors is a huge issue…

Abu Dhabi Brew: Café Culture in UAE’s Capital City

The sum of the cafe spaces in Abu Dhabi exist as microcosms of the city itself. They can be places where a wide variety of people from different social classes, ethnicities, cultures and nationalities can come together over a cup of coffee (or karak or Moroccan mint tea) and exchange dialogue, make conversation, learn and thrive off each other, whether that’s intellectually or culturally, or just make idle chit-chat and simply be. And isn’t that a miniature prototype of Abu Dhabi itself and the “multicultural crossroads” we all love to speak of in the brochures?