A Black Power Emblem is Sold at Forever 21

New York is a wonderful place to try on new identities. New York is a place where identities are up for sale. Nine dollars. Nine dollars in my pocket, who do I want to be today? Maybe everybody loves New York so much because they can be whoever they want over there. They can change their gender, sex, their whole aesthetic. They can drug themselves, age themselves, shoot themselves, turn into a star. A star…

Worms; Or, Why White People Don’t Know How to Talk About Race

White privilege is the pathetic squeak of indignation that comes when someone suggests that something is not about us. It’s the self-important cry that all lives matter. It’s the rising defensiveness in people who decide that anytime they’re accused of being problematic, the accuser is being “too politically correct”, “butt-hurt” or “too liberal”.