an evening meal with langston hughes, william carlos williams, christopher columbus & lady liberty

i fell into birth
licked down like
sand tongue, salivating
water toeing
against continent; i got me
a country this way

middle of the map;
supposed to be

my dream is painted
on the pavement smeared
with dog-shit; metropolis
sunlight striping my coat
and my face, turned up
to catch like a baseball
glove, cratered with the
blow of dream

i don’t want to depend, least
of all, on your red

have you ever seen the veins
of a carrot? fine
sanded like arms
of tired woman, come down
for dinner, my mother

i didn’t do it well
the crowning, so they cut me
out, islanded me;
i’ve been taking my time to ferry
towards lady liberty
and her sharp, sharp

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