Akwa Ibom Smoked Fishes

These are smoked fish, caught in the waters of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Before a fish is smoked, it must first be cleaned (this is basically the removal of the intestines and the gills, then, thorough rinsing to remove the blood). Fish smoking is a form of fish preservation in Nigeria, as this prolongs shelf life.


These fresh fish are straight out of the water of Tarkwa Bay Beach, located near the harbour in Lagos, Nigeria. Usually, while the fishermen are doing their job, buyers (especially women) are always seen around them, waiting to purchase fresh fish so they can go sell to their own customers. The fresh fish business is a large industry in Lagos, and other riverine parts of Nigeria.

Smoked Bush Meat

The grasscutter is a popular bushmeat in Nigeria, and grasscutter farming is a thriving industry. These smoked grasscutters are ready for sale. They are on display by the side of a Federal highway in Ondo State (a common sight on Nigerian highways). At spots like this, travellers are often seen parked by the roadside, purchasing the irresistible bushmeat.

By Oyewole Bukunmi

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