The voice saying in French

The voice saying in French
repeated in English
forced to record the whole seminar
How to Live Together
grueling recording sessions

stumbling upon the phrase
“pathos of distance”

value of selfish perspective
a strong one
of the multiplicity
of the types
of the men and the women
of the class and the other
of the self and the



murmur mixing
in total silence
strange, hidden, logical

sensation of slowness
together with
uncanny bourgeois

This should not be blamed
on the lack of his gesture
on a certain artificiality

Non-organic defamiliarization
Unstable fantasies

Cocteau, Stanislavski, Picasso, Chirico, Baudelaire, Deleuze, Eliot,
Lacan, Derrida, Benjamin, Friedrich, Joyce, Kafka, Woolf, Nietzsche.

Artwork by Kon Trubkovich, “Put My Guns in the Ground” (2012).

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