Heart, Star, Winky Face

What Your Top 3 Emojis Say About You
Pin them like a name-tag and
This is the glittering, whirring room of clanging noise
And trying so desperately to care that your
Cuticles will bleed with the effort of it.
You might slam the keys so fast
That your fingerprints slide off
And slink into the corner,
No worries! We’ll make gloves of them, for
Unlocking Apple products.

To your left you’ll see the American President
Standing shiney-shoed on the smooth
Snakey grasses of
the White house and hold me
Are those clothespins in his hand?
Could he be?
Folks he’s hanging laundry!
Those are the peeled-off skins of
African-Americans, flapping in the gentle breeze…

And on your right there is
The lioness of Palestine roaring her guts out.
What teeth you have! What bite!
A woman—Arab—Activist?
Is it a trick of the light? Ahed you can sit tight
But real quick, what kind of fruit tree would
YOU be? Oh gosh, oh gee another
LIKE for me?
Your Aunt is hollering for her
Second-cousin’s best friend’s
Pure-bred golden!

Is Your Iphone Listening to Your Conversations?
(You know, the spoken ones)
And how much would that reeeeeally bother you?
Look up and you’ll see those naughty alien children shoved
Into the cages of the free world.
CLICK TO BUY to take this quiz or buy or see this
Indonesian earthquake victim or
FILTER to show your love for
UPDATE so they can’t forget your
How To
Look Young or
Meet Young
(your city)
Girls Seeking Mature Men.

If you look through the door to your left
You’ll notice that the Prime Minister of
Your Country is slyly shoving an oil-slick
Pipeline down some red-skin (racist!) throat
But it’s gOod for the EconOmY soooo…
High-fives all around!
READ ABOUT IT in less than 280 characters
But Justin Trudeau is so cute though
In his Ramadan socks, toes wiggling…

Used couches
Used bodies
Used bikes
Used cars
She used underpaid workers
To create Ivy Park ahh the
MEMORIES look this was my kid
Years ago
Boom! North Korea though!
Welcome to the Daily Show

Over here you’ll find the
Hottest European Summer in Over a Decade
And your friend is selling hand-made
Tale! We should Dress to Protest
Look how well informed we CLICK-
To create a persona
So you are share-able
FOLLOW myself skinned down to
A mushy tub of internet margarine

Cheap! no matter how stellar
The marketing 🙂


Illustration by Ilse Valfré, “I Scream Truck”

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