Summer is Not All That People Make it to Be

A summer day inside a cube can get you thinking about a square just like a weather person talks about the probability of what the weather will be tomorrow. The square has four sides. The sides of the square are made up of lines. They are colored black, and have a beginning and an end. It has 90 degree angles at each turn. They are sharp and marked in red, but it is not dangerous even though its marked in red. Also two of the four sides at the angle are black; the ones facing the black lines have a beginning and an end. The other two are red, and have a shorter beginning and an end. There are four small squares at each turn multi colored like baby tapirs born at the local zoo. The watcher calls the tapir baby a tapir baby, so the tapir baby is a tapir baby like how the squares have 90 degree angles. Maybe the weather tomorrow is 90 degrees in Celsius not in Fahrenheit. I am feeling the red sides. The tapirs are shaping out to be of one particular color that mixes with another color later on. Their coexistence is not the square. If there are extra lines inside the square, that is, if they split the multi colored squares on one end, and then again in another, the square has the capacity to give birth to many shapes. But what will become of the square. The square would be butchered. The extra lines need to be excluded by the eye. So you can see the many shapes and the original one. The giver of shapes. The weather can also be a giver of shapes. But it’s more of a feeler. splitting the weather and changing its shape is something complicated unto itself. But maybe the eye can be a giver of shapes too.



Artwork by Helio Otitica “Metaesquema”

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