On the Beach at Night Alone

On a road trip I dance,
With nobody, but secretly dreaming
The saxophone beats overwhelm in the melody of lines
Deep in me but not brave enough to loudly sing
My heart belongs to Daddy

Her steps choreographed onto murky rainy streets
In the reverie of a snow-white dress hidden inside a fur coat
Stranded at a Siberian railway station, waiting
For a daddy to follow through, deeply in love
But only with her naiveté, beautifully lacking

By the yellow brick wall she exhales
Against memories of east sea wind arriving in Gangneung
This February, she returns from the years of hiding only to
Follow a man, not hers
Lyrics hardly escape the gaps of those invisible smokes

when I yearn for the sight of you
when the wind blows, and I’m feeling sad
thinking of beautiful you
are you doing well
do you live happily
can you see my heart
why has my heart fallen into this state

So she arrives by the door in purple coat, holding red sleeves
Having traveled this far to Chang’an, leaving husband home
Knocks on another heart of a tree
That she dreams to be shielded by
Such beautiful tears

Come here, let me see your innocent eyes
Who is it that committed such murder?
Who, is going to love you?


Artwork from film “On the Beach at Night Alone”, directed by Hong Sang Soo

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