To me

You love the kid on the roof
That connects the snow to the wind thanks to the blue sunlight
Because I always lay near the walnut tree beside you
Thinking of the years of craziness in a bottle
Lying on the sea, from Miami to Hartford
Oh goodness! The search of the thousands of thoughts that
Awaken me on the sidewalk leading towards somewhere deep inside
My head laid on your shoulders and this pose
Of us at the window always sees itself in harmony
Best at dawn, but unlikely of me and not trustworthy of me
For I question the beliefs that you live with and for, as a
Kid questions the green goat that he sees on the fields and oh
I question love as a sheriff questions the murderer at dawn as the
Wind blows his white shirttails in the snow; and so I swim and swim
In the sea that leads me from Hartford back to Miami but no sea; so
For years I search as a ship sails from and to Africa, or as a kid
Bicycles from Miami to Hartford back and forth
My heart so out of place but always receives
Questions when awake or not, and so I love and live
And because I love I question, so I live
From this unsolved case I live always.


(A ripoff poem of Kenneth Koch’s To You

Artwork by Vincenzo Irolli “Boy With a Goat”

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