Television Romance

And just as the credits roll up you
Bent down bent forward and butterflies flew out of your mouth
A grotesque display of romance let loose and there were
Eyeblack smudged onto my heart a
Transference from yours and a resonating
Purple what beautiful
Leather jacket heart

You were lavenders on dark fields growing despite
Overpowering positivity movement and I am
Keyboard warriors depressing floor mat
You knocked on my door and
What follows is brief history for the rom coms

Stand up ovation for your puns and overgrown feet
It was bodies and walls, bodies against walls
And they all come crushing down at the moment of
Conjured by pressing questions of today’s contemporaries
But all I saw was your face lit by a flame

Us, burning. Unlike forest fires or some grandeur display of heat
There was shy humility like a sizzling match kindled
Purple stains on my hands where I touched your face
Heat in the form of black black black abysses and we
Free-fall to the tune of ringing telephones and digits buzzing

Yours is a face for the magazines
I wish I was your phone’s front camera to see every angle
Romantic surveillance. Give me every perspective
But sometimes I think there will be mandatory silence like
Some privacy policy. We gently ask for consent
Yes, no, maybe,
There were soft giggles as the
Light goes down and we sink into
Our respective elements
You behind your walls, me a bean bag curving into your shape.



*Inspired by Pale Waves and The 1975

Artwork by Adel Abdessemed, “Turtle” 2014.

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