In That House On a One-Way Street

Your eyes pay compliments to my ears,
twisted out of shape as they are, clothes hangers,
waves coat someone else’s sun,
secrets of mine overwritten with yours, eggshell walls,
a leak threatens my lower lip,
not to worry as
I can’t hear myself through the thumbtack
burying itself tenderly behind my teeth,
don’t take it the wrong way
as it’s mine to have, hold it if you like,
I notice you’ve got that face on, scarcely,
then the rug rubs against the ceiling
embarrassingly, I can’t stop staring,
no worry, I trust you’ll
be talking
as you
turn your cheek,
conscious of this wall’s and that’s eagerness
to hear all about your father’s aversion to umbrellas
and your own sporadical good luck.



Artwork by Karolina Koryl

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