For Sabina

Her true artistry was her life
so light; it was
A series of rest stops
between each betrayal–
the severing of ties. Easy goodbyes.
A perpetual free-fall into each new landscape
Always a patchwork from inside the bird’s eye
Getting closer- closer.
I want to… Sabina. Faceplant into unknown sands
A lone migration.
I want to split each person I meet with a scalpel
Like a surgeon, and let the galaxies come pouring out
Smokey and sighing.
I want to live in rest stops and automobiles
Forget those roots always digging around,
Deep in the gut
Let them wither.
No more digging nails into soft flesh let it
Slip through my fingers clattering loose
like pencils shaken from a box.
The depths of dark eyes that watch me warmly.
Make myself like velcro instead
Easily stuck and easily torn
Let me be light.



Artwork by Isabelle Feliu

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