Babe you’ve got a face like thunder
On a sun-drenched afternoon when dandelions laughed into a million scattered seeds
And trees puppeteered the light so it danced on your face
Warm grass beneath light toes heavy breaths like

On a watered-down evening when we’re aware of every sound in the room
Breath like tiny streams of thought exhaled and condensed into white fumes
Your thoughts bubbled in plain sight and fingers reminding me of sticky melting popsicles on a sun-drenched afternoon’s

The moment pleasure ruptured

On those white sheets like a child’s piñata on a sunny birthday joy
I thought of fresh tomatoes or taut plums or ripe blueberries
When the red of your face smiled into mine and we
Drifted away on a white sailing boat


*The phrase “face like thunder” is taken from the song “Face Like Thunder” by The Japanese House. Great band, take a listen.


Artwork by Yeo Tze Yang, “Green Light”, 2017


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