On the Grass

In the suburbs, the grass makes
One thousand
Gymnastics mats to tumble on
Outside of each house like a Tupperware

For quiet lives and a family pet
and the family
Children carrying the Family

and Family Burdens on
Their little shoulders
Strapped up in backpacks and
The wings they were

Supposed to be busy growing.
One thousand gymnastics mats for
Competitive soccer games
Where the ice cooler and cleats

And shiny metal benches melt
Like popsicle goop. the sun
is hot and the parents

A soft place for teen romance
In a town where there’s nothing to do
But have sex or smoke weed
One thousand mats

For Catholic school scandals.
“Live Laugh Love”
Stenciled like a grimace
On the living room wall.


Artwork by Vincent Gicquel

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