high strung

a girlĀ  –

a bead
dropped down
into a cracked open snow globe

a bead
among so many others
different in size, shape, color, matter
no matter

a bead
makes a noise when it falls
it must always fall
down a hole down an emotion

a bead
sometimes meets another
on the hunt for string
used to climb up into the sky and
lay to rest on heaven’s?

two beads
clang together and it sounds
dissonant as usual but also
harmonious at the same time
no one really knows why

two beads
string themselves together
and climb upwards

a bead
has is in its nature
the tendency to fall

a bead
finds its way out
onto dangerous hooks, dirty nooks
through the slipknots and strangleholds
of string
to emotions, to others to back
to its own reflection
in the bead of another

a bead
is so very small
in a large, large world

– a boy.


Artwork sourced from here.

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