Boys Your Age

Boys your age
Still have wet dreams and need for immediate gratification
They will wring you dry and then make you doubt yourself about this thing you said over dinner or
This text you sent him like was it too much was I too clingy did I say the L word too early?
Before they could afford a car they had already
Driven you insane

Boys your age
Sleep with ease with cum stains on their freshly changed sheets by their mothers or sisters who
Watch them fuck around in packs from afar and sigh
Boys will be boys
These not quite men but men will grow beards but still be uncertain about this
Throb in their heart
Ba dum dum TSSSSSS—
It fizzles out
Because he doesn’t believe in labels

Boys your age
Wreck broken hearts and maybe theirs was broken once but they think their hurt trumps all
So they walk like kings on your body and
Suckle your nipple like they own it or refuse to
Go down on you
Unless you shave clean like a baby girl
And even so he laps your pussy like he’s
Eating oatmeal

Boys your age
Are not equipped to catch your tears although
You were taught that your hands weren’t enough and your sisters’ are somewhat
Less emotionally satisfying
These scholars, scientists, aspiring lawyers, future bad fathers
Are so used to sweeping things under carpets that their mothers have to vacuum after
Even when their best friend says something
Remotely vulnerable
They can only say
“That’s fucked up, bro.”


Artwork by Yeo Tze Yang, “Fucking Dead Ah Chang”, 2017

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