Cité Universitaire

Feathered, vibrating, gargling
A song stuck in their throats
Mimicking, skipping gasps of assured flight.
A hop and airborne.
A sound like a stick dragged along
An iron fence—but quicker, lighter
Shaking out, crying out.

She follows two steps behind
As he weaves her through wildflowers
Human food fought over and insects kissed
Snapped up, shaken
A spider lands on a bare knee
Creeping up to her hemline as her eyes widen.

A honeybee lands on a flower
Gracelessly drawn on a bottle of iced tea
It snorts its disappointment
Meanwhile trees whisper, quiet—quiet
I imagine they were nest-born
Those two flapping and scolding in the grass

His deep voice reaches out to cradle her
And her hunger keeps them tethered

Feathered, vibrating, gargling
That two-part melody
Honey sweet and sticky



Artwork by Ilona Szalay “Smoke and Mirrors”

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