The Incel Pond

A green filmy murk slinks
Over that still pool
The weeds twist
And tug on ankles

The children stopped swimming there
After one too many drowned

His blue corpse face down
His fingers cold
Eyes bulging.
They left it floating there a

Stinking reminder riddled with
Mysterious holes.
The boys shoot their
Pellet guns at it sometimes;

They swear it groans in the night.
No swimming!
One got scared and
Grabbed another’s hand

They pushed him in as a reminder.
He walked home dripping
In silence.
The pond seethes.

It breathes heavy with beer
And bloody punches.
It breeds those creatures
The ones who pull themselves up

From the muck dragging
Their hairy knuckles.

They’re born into a loveless marriage
Between the birds and the bees
Penises and
Their own opposable thumbs.

They make Facebook groups for
Men. They complain about sluts

Them, the ones crying out for sex.
Their dicks and egos so limp
Those Saturday nights they
Can’t get laid.

Did you think a limp dick limp ego is
A small problem? (hehe)
Limp dicks shoot women in Cali
They drive vans into crowds on Yonge.

They whisper rape culture into the
Soft ears of little boys
They make pellets of it
To shoot at her ass in a short skirt.



This poem was inspired by the April 23 events this year in Toronto, where a man who belonged to a group called Incel drove into crowds downtown, killing ten people and seriously injuring fourteen more. It was the deadliest vehicle-ramming attack in Canadian history. The perpetrator was a member of a group of misogynists who blame women for their celibacy. Their general philosophy is that women owe men sex and that men can’t be blamed for their actions when they are denied sex. They generally hate women and sexually accomplished men.

The perpetrator posted a message on his Facebook account invoking the “Incel Rebellion,” and he praised another Incel member who had pulled off a mass killing in 2014 in California.

Vice News has written broadly about this issue and I would very much encourage you to read if you haven’t done so already:

Roosh V tweeted: “Alek Minnasian wouldn’t have killed people with a van if the media had not inoculated him and other lonely men against effective game teachers like myself. Sleeping with only two or three Toronto Tinder sluts would have been enough to stop his urge to kill.”

Aside from the further proof of rampant misogyny in a Canada that drips with politeness there is even more to be disturbed at in this event. Toronto was quick to say that this killing was not an act of terrorism. There will be no backlash against the straight, white male population the way there is always a backlash against Arabs and Muslims when someone kills in the name of Islam. We should absolutely be concerned by this event and reactions to it.



Artwork: “The Crying Boy” by Giovanni Bragolin

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