Ghent, Belgium

Tiny square man with twinkling eyes like daffodils and
Rainbows for eyebrows
Spilling secrets of the tiny smiling round lady
The proud artist and the kind gallery owner
Looking like miniature figurines in this
Town made of shapes and colors

Wobbly boats on gentle waters between dollhouses
Children always happy on pink tricycles snug in jackets picked by
Laughing father who swung one up
A confetti of joy exploded on the grey cobblestones
They try to not trip and fall
Holding hands and singing nursery rhymes

Churches nonchalantly sitting there yawning while little people stood in awe
Marble, fire, paint, bones on display with absolute humility
Sights to see with a bag sling over your shoulder thirsty for lemonade
Beside the river softly carrying small fragile boats moving along like
Puppies on a leash with short legs as owners stroll by without a worry
Hearts like the greenest meadow with the prettiest little flowers

Cardboard houses overlooking boy with curly hair and dimples
Blooms as tourist girl shyly opens map and points
“Thank you!” Explosion of smiles between the two
Before he touches her shoulders and she turns to go
A potential for “something” released like a yellow balloon into the dreamy clouds
Like a bottle in a message sent to the kind bald man above


Painting by Max Ernst, “Celebes”, 1921

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