Four Pink Songs


Watered down ideas spilled onto teen mags
Leaving incomplete marks left to dry alongside impossible contortions of bodies
Blurred out by ageing creams, primers, pigments
Love letters to little women sitting in salons


Half-grown breasts paired with pepper spray cans
Marching down streets bogged down by bags the size of cars
Skidding heels wobbly hips sun drowned bangs
Photograph of a papier maché doll, unrealistically beautiful


Almond eyes, little feet, straight hair, accommodating jaw
Claws on walls to leave marks to scream “I am still here”
Crowds of crinkly women with backs bent form an enclosed space
To drown out muffled sobs in the rolled-up Oriental tapestry


Pitter patter of little feet tightly bound in pus soaked bandages
Squealing laughter, large hands on throats a game of playing rough
A love story of embroidery, tightly sewn, indestructible


Image by Nadia Benchallal, “Untitled” from Sisters Collection, 2014. 

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