ambergris entry four, dated 7 may, 2018


Very very strange thing happen today. I am very happy today. I think i meet girl who i love today name is anastazie svoboda. What happen actually is i am in tea shop in morning in thamel i am in ram dai tea shop drinking tea and also eating egg and other thing like breakfast. Outside ram dai tea shop i write if anyone need guide please come inside and also other thing like mobile number of my mobile and also very good guide speak excellent english and hindi and other language. I am only lie about other language because i dont know other language only little bit french. I learn french many years before but only little bit and also i forgot. What happen is inside i am drinking tea. Outside i am hearing knock on the door and someone say my name in small voice. At first i am thinking no there is no one outside i am only hear voice but actually there is and it is actually a girl. She come inside and she again say my name in very funny way and she ask it is you? I say yes that is my name what do you want? She say she want a guide for going to basantapur. I had not look up from my egg and tea and other things but now i put my head up and she is so beautiful. She have blue eyes. No nepali have blue eyes. But she is not nepali. I dont know what to say. I ask her what is your name? She say anastazie Svoboda it is very hard name but she write it down in her copy and i know spelling also. She ask me are you guide? I say yes i will help you for going to basantapur and also other places as such sit down now do you want tea? She say no thank you but i say again and she say okay. I ask ram dai to bring tea and other thing like biscuit and slowly we are talk. She say she is from czech she write the name it is small country in europe. I am at first thinking how to tell name of that country? It is very hard. But she tell me it is write czech but it is actually told like check. I say it is very easy. She laugh and say yes. But nepal is write nepal and told also nepal. I ask her why? She say it is different in different country. English is one language there are many other language like i speak nepali and she speak other check language and she also speak italian. She say it is write czech in her language and i understand. She is very nice teacher. She tell me capital of czech is prague but she does not stay there. We stand up from ram dai tea shop and i give money to ram dai for her tea. From thamel we first walk inside road to basantapur. We go from thamel to indrachowk. Inside it is so much noise and lot of peoples and anastazie say we are going to get lost. I tell her no catch my clothes and you will not get lost and she catch with her hand on my shoulder and full time she keep her hand on my clothe. I feel actually very nice and i smile full time. She see and she ask me why you are smiling so much? I say because i am so happy today. She ask me why and i say i will tell later but actually i am only tell her tomorrow. In basantapur we look at many thing we look at museum. I also buy grain and she give grain to pigeon and other bird. She laugh a lot and she say will you take my photo? I say yes but i am actually not knowing how to use camera. It is very big camera. She teach me and she tell me everything is set just you have to put your eyes this hole and click on button. I take photo and she say that is great photo thank you so much. She smile and she look at me. I think that she is very beautiful. I tell her you are very beautiful. She again smile and say thank you. I ask her what you are doing tomorrow? She tell me she has not think yet but actually she want to go swayambhu. We sit in basantapur for many hour looking at building and many people. She also smoke cigarette. I tell her it is not good for health it is on packet also written. She laugh and she say she know that. At 5 o clock it is almost dark and she say i have to go back to hotel. I say yes it is almost dark you will call me tomorrow? She say yes. She ask me my mobile number and i write down on her copy. I also write my name. She ask me how to tell it? I teach her and she say my name funnily and again she laugh. She say she is going to go now. I say okay bye take care and she ask how much charge for today? There is no charge for today i say because i dont like her to give money because i actually think she is great girl and she is also very beautiful and i also love her. She say thank you so much now i will call you tomorrow. I say okay see you tomorrow goodnight. She call taxi and she go. I forgot to ask her where she live. But anyways she will call me tomorrow. Actually i have never got girl friend. Once i like girl who live near ratnapark. Before tourist work i actually study near banepa so every day i go to ratnapark to take bus to banepa. There i meet the girl every day. She also come to ratnapark to take bus to chabahil she study nursing in chabahil. We talk every day. I study tourism and she study nursing that is very different but still we talk a lots. I think she like me very much but she is actually only talking to me like friend. Later she tell me she is getting married her mother is looking for boy he is going to australia and he already have visa for there. I am very sad and i think i should tell her that i love her very much but she is getting married and i dont tell her. Anastazie is not like other girl. She is very different girl. Actually my one friend he is also tourist guide he also love tourist girl she is actually french and later they married. But my friend he speaks french as such and i dont speak czech language is it possible? I am thinking yes it is. Tomorrow i will meet anastazie and i will tell her i love her and how long she is staying here in nepal? I think she tell me 12 days but how many days have already finished? I forget to ask her. No problem i will ask her tomorrow and then i will also tell her. Later when she come to nepal and we will get married? Is it possible what i am thinking? Yes it is possible. I will marry anastazie svoboda. Actually today i cannot sleep. I am right only thinking tomorrow i will meet anastazie and after there is no light at ten o clock i go to bed but i only sit there. Even when i close my eyes for sleeping i only see photo of anastazie and i’am thinking why? Maybe it is because i love her. When i cannot sleep i look in my mobile for time and it is already one o clock how come? So fast time has finished and still i cannot sleep.

Painting by Frank Stella, “Ambergris” from Stella’s Moby-Dick series


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