The Single Girl Haikus

Fingers grasping for
A ghost a phone not buzzing
Sit on your sad hands.

You look so normal
They thought you would fall apart
But you’re radiant.

Not anywhere close
To love or even liking
They fucked anyways.

Down those drinks baby
Sweep yourself up in liquor
Sweet liberation.

Hi, meet your ugly
A bad a terrible thing
You did that night; whore.

She was seventeen
The first time; a baby. Now
Wave goodbye to love.

“I like sleazy men!”
Gut-busting my laughs ring out
Strangers like playthings.

Fall again on your
Face your teeth for that other
Man you also loved.

Settle into it
That bounding lion heartbeat
Looks like you’re happy!

Cry in the shower
Hours and hours of it
Like fresh snow so clean.

Hold that girl like a
Cloud; fill your arms with yourself
Sip on it; alone.

Alone, alone, a
Dazzling lightshow alone
It is exquisite.

Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh “Almond Blossom”

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