Ragdoll girl

Tightness on my left ribcage a serious case of a scattered heart
Losing more than just balance or a right state of mind my body sprawled on the floor
It’s another boy another plunge taken too soon another lesson for the hungry whore

Women in aprons in suits in ball gowns in sneakers in wigs stared on with sympathy
We warned you to never reply too quickly never show your eagerness never touch his face with tenderness too soon
They cover me in fleece blankets rub lavender oil onto my temples put on soft jazz massaged my shoulders and leave me with three tubs of strawberry yogurt

The soft rain pours and I cry until I have no more tears left
In the cocoon of sisterly care I will slip into slumber and dream of emotional independence or a lifetime without parental issues or a measure of self-worth
But the lone nightingale outside my window will sigh

Because she knows that as soon as another boy with black-rimmed glasses, or a foreign accent, or an ability to carry me with his strong arms marches in to sneak a kiss
I will pounce right up just as I hear the door creak
Refreshed, renewed, and ready as ever to be thrown around like a ragdoll for yet another careless dog

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