ambergris, entry 2 dated 8 april

In my home in ason there is no light after ten o clock in night because they do load shedding every night in ten o clock so at night i cannot read book. I am right now reading many book in english. I am trying to read many book but english it is very difficult to read and my english is not very good. Right now i am reading harry potter book it is by jk rowling it is a great book it is actually my favorite book. I am right now reading third part of harry potter book it is called harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. I dont know what azkaban mean but i am think it is like jail like hanumandhoka jail in our country. But i am coming to home at seven o clock in night sometimes eight o clock and nine o clock and after eating dinner i have not time to do reading because there is no light after ten o clock. I am getting very angry but i cannot do anything for that because it is all government. Actually government of nepal is very bad. There are many politician they are very stupid and selfish and they only like to make money for themself they are actually just like bad person. They are not wanting to do good thing in country even if nepal is beautiful country with lot of green. So i like to read but i cannot there is no light even if i like to read there is no chance for person with no money. Even i know my english is not good but i am still trying to get it better but they are not supporting. It is actually government has duty to support nepali peoples but they are only ignore their duty.



Painting by Frank Stella, “Ambergris” from Stella’s Moby-Dick series

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