Van Gogh

Golden warmth, earthy scents
Exuberance in every brush stroke, a tactile kind of sensuousness
Enveloped the woman as she stood in front of a display of unadulterated joy
A momentary but passionate affair

Lovingly, kindly
He dedicated an honesty to the droops where they exist but also the colors where they bloom
The curves, witnesses to how he loved them
His rough arms around her waist
Her eyes upon all his vulnerability

She saw him
In a meditative state in the sunlight filtered through pollen
They waltzed to a tune only they could hear
Oh, how the sunflowers sang!
He paused to sneezed, I reckon.
Excuse me ma’am.
She planted him kisses and looked out the window—

His weary face, stained yellow and brown
Reflected on a canvas. Weightless —
The momentary but passionate affair
All recorded and rewritten in the golden warmth and earthy scents
As she stood there, awed
By the vision of
That sunny afternoon when he immortalized a vase of


Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, “The Sunflowers”, 1888


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