ambergris, entry 1 dated 25 March

Today i did namaste to two girls in basantapur because i think they look like tourist but they are actually nepali. I did not know and i still do namaste but they are thinking i am trying to tease them so they actually call me bad things in nepali. They call me pakhe that is very bad word it mean like you are very stupid and uneducated. I am at first thinking they are tourist so they need help with things in basantapur to find museum and other temple and things but they are actually nepali so how do i know? I just think they are tourist. They look like tourist because they wear clothes like tourist and they also have very different skins and they wear black spectacle and they also carry expensive camera. But they are nepali and they still say bad thing to me. They are maybe not tourist and they are terrorist.



Painting by Frank Stella, “Ambergris” from Stella’s Moby-Dick series

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